Terms and Conditions


Our limited warranty for manufacturing defects elimination shall be 30 calendar days for replaced parts and 6 months (180 calendar days) for the sealing system (e.g. compressor replacement, refrigerant charge, etc.). However, if a part fails due to the manufacture’s defect, the labor warranty shall be valid for 30 calendar days. The warranty shall not cover additional or extended repairs, other problems that may occur in the same mechanism (even if they are related to identical manifestations thereof) or accidental damage. The parts shall be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, which is usually 30-90 days depending on the manufacturer. If the customer provides the parts, we will be unable to grant you a guarantee and may request an additional fee.

Payment and Terms of Service

The customer shall be liable for familiarization with the terms of service at the planning stage and prior to our technician is able to start providing services. Scheduling of our services shall imply full agreement with our detailed terms and conditions and shall allow our technician to start providing services. Acting on your own behalf or on behalf of the person specified in the electronic or paper work order / list of works/job sheet, you agree to pay all of the following costs, where applicable: any outstanding balance at completion of works, 24% per annum and service charge for any overdue balance, 30 USD service charge if your check or credit card is not paid by the bank, required processing and refund fees if your work order is untimely canceled, and any necessary insurance premium costs, including payment for the representatives’ services. A 50% deposit of the estimate is required to place/proceed an order. Once an order is placed, it may not be canceled. Balance in full is due upon completion of the service unless other conditions or other preliminary agreements have been agreed upon.

Cancellation of Services

When planning our services, we specifically allocate the technician’s time per day to come out to your location and service your product. When you forget, cancel, or change an appointment without a prior notice, we miss the opportunity to fill in the time, and customers on our waiting list miss the opportunity to receive services, which in turn results in a loss of revenue that cannot be replenished. Therefore, we reserve the right to charge 100% of the appointment fee for any missed, canceled or changed appointment without prior notice made within 8 business hours or other mutual agreement.

Liability for Damage

The customer shall be obliged to get acquainted with our waivers we have in place surrounding the provision of any services we provide. Such waivers shall apply to all work performed and shall be accepted as soon as you allow our technician to start providing the services.

Waiver of Damages when Displacing the Appliance

You understand that such moving is risky. There is a risk of damage to the appliance itself and the areas around its installation, including, but not limited to, the floor, furniture and counter tops. You hereby acknowledge that the technician is under no obligation to move the appliance. In exchange for his willingness to do so, you waive the right to claim from a technician and SAR Appliance Repair any damages that may arise due to the appliance displacement.

Waiver of Damages when Working with Water

You understand that the equipment being the object of work is connected to the building’s plumbing system, and whenever any equipment is connected as such, there is an inherent risk that a system element malfunction, defective joints and/or other malfunctions may result in unintentional leakage and/or flooding inside the building, which in turn can cause significant and sometimes catastrophic damage. Except in the case of gross, clearly proven and clearly identifiable negligence of a technician, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless SAR Appliance Repair, its executives, agents and employees for any damage, harm or liability that may result from such an incident. By allowing the technician to start work, you expressly waive your right to file counter-claims.

Waiver of Damages due to the Cooling System Malfunction

You understand that, like any other piece of equipment, cooling equipment consists of many complex components, any of which can suddenly fail, and that attempts to maintain and/or repair it are inherently risky. The diagnostics of such failures is not always easy, and even with careful repair and/or service work, defects can occur that lead to equipment malfunctions. Such failures can lead to food spoilage, adverse conditions, inconveniences and (especially in commercial contexts) even to loss of income due to cancellation or disruption of planned events, inability to serve customers etc. You acknowledge that by undertaking to maintain and/or repair your equipment, SAR Appliance Repair assumes no responsibility for any such risks. You agree that all such risks are born solely by you (and/or your company) and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless SAR Appliance Repair, its agents and employees from any such damage. By allowing the technician to start work, you expressly waive your right to file counter-claims.

Waiver of Damage due to Lifting the Glass Cook Top

You understand that when you lift the glass/ceramic cook top surface to access the components below it, there is an inherent risk of breakage. The upper part is attached with a strong glue, and it is not always possible to separate it without cracks on the surface. While expecting a technician to take all necessary precautions, you nevertheless acknowledge that SAR Appliance Repair expressly waivers any such risks. You agree that all such risks are born solely by you (and/or your company) and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless SAR Appliance Repair, its agents and employees from all such types of liability. By allowing the technician to start work, you expressly waive your right to file counter-claims.

Basic Rules and Conditions for the Appliance Installation

Our standard installation fee shall include the following:
Removal and/or installation of the appliance without the need to move/remove cabinets, tabletops, floors or any other equipment. It shall not include modifications and repairs of the gas and/or water valves, drains, electrical outlets, electrical junction boxes, and dryer vents. The customer shall be liable for the compliance of the gas and/or water supply systems, as well as electricity, drainage, and ventilation systems, etc. with local construction regulations and their availability to facilitate installation using standard materials associated with the installation of this type of equipment.

SAR Appliance Repair does not install, modify, or troubleshoot services required to facilitate the installation. These include, but are not limited to, electricity supply, water supply, sewerage, gas, dryer vents, ventilation systems to facilitate cooling and/or safe operation of the installed equipment.
We assume and accept that the area, systems or services that were provided for the installation of the equipment were prepared in accordance with the needs of the appliance and comply with all applicable regulations and standards. We do not verify compliance with ventilation, electricity, water supply and drainage requirements for a particular installed appliance.
If SAR Appliance Repair supplies the appliance, there must be sufficient room in doorways, corridors, etc. to move the device to the installation site.
The installation fee indicated shall not include the cost of materials such as vent hoses, water pipes, gas pipes, hoses, fittings, etc.
If two people are needed to install the appliance, for example, in cases of stacked dryers/washers and wall-mounted ovens, an additional service charge will be required in addition to the basic installation fee.
If we call to perform the installation and find that the installation cannot be proceeded and cannot be repaired on site because any of the above criteria are not met, our standard service call will be due.

A2P (Application-to-Person) SMS Campaign

At SAR Appliance Repair, we are excited to introduce our innovative A2P (Application-to-Person) SMS Campaign to enhance your appliance repair experience. Our goal is to provide you with efficient, transparent, and hassle-free communication regarding your appliance service appointments, repair estimates, and feedback collection. With A2P SMS, we’re bringing you real-time updates and streamlined interactions, ensuring you are always in the know.

How Our A2P SMS Campaign Benefits You:

1. Appointment Notifications: Receive instant alerts about your technician’s scheduled arrival for your appointment. No more waiting in uncertainty; our SMS notifications keep you informed.

2. Effortless Consent for Repairs: Review and approve repair estimates and invoices with ease through secure links sent via SMS. Swiftly provide consent for necessary appliance repairs with just a click.

3. Verification and Information Gathering: If you haven’t provided, for example, your email address, our SMS will kindly request it, ensuring we have all necessary details for your convenience.

4. Feedback Matters: After the completion of your appliance repair, we’ll send you a quick SMS to request your valuable feedback. Your insights help us continually improve our services.

Your privacy and satisfaction are of utmost importance to us. Rest assured that your personal information is handled with care, and you can opt out of our messages at any time by replying STOP.