January 2023

Dryer Motor Replacement in the Tampa

Dryer Motor Replacement

Dryers are household appliances that are designed to remove residual moisture from clothes after they have been washed. The treatment is done by exposing the items of clothing in the drum to hot air currents. Many modern models have advanced functionality — for example, they have the option of steaming or ironing. It is advisable …

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Water Filter Replacement in the Tampa Bay

Water Filter Replacement

Many of us prefer to drink clean drinking water. Everyone knows the importance of consuming water purified from harmful impurities, dirt, and bacteria. Installing water filters in an apartment or private home improves water quality but at the same time, inevitably leads to periodic replacement of the cartridges. The timeliness of the replacement of the …

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Dryer Thermostat Repair

Dryer Thermostat Repair

If your dryer doesn’t dry your laundry or leaves it wet, then you need to do a detailed diagnosis and inspection of the appliance to determine the cause. It could be that the dryer is getting very hot. If you suspect that your dryer is developing more heat than it should, then take the initiative …

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