Dryer heating element and igniter replacement

Today we’re going to talk about the dryer heating element and igniter replacement. A dryer, like any other household appliance, can fail over time. This situation is always unpleasant and always requires expenses in the financial budget. But what can you do if your dryer or any other household appliance breaks down? There are only two options. The first is to deal with the repair of a complex device on your own. In this case, there is a high probability that in the process of repair there may be additional difficulties because you need to understand the technique and have professional knowledge and tools. The second option is to contact SAR Cooling Appliance Repair and we will be happy to do the repair of your broken household appliances. Dryer heating element and igniter replacement in the Tampa Bay Area.

If you decide to do the dryer repair yourself, you need to figure out the causes and make sure you identify exactly what’s broken in the dryer. To do this, you need to know the construction of your dryer. There can be many reasons for dryer breakdown; we’ve already dealt with some of them before. Today we wanted to take apart the topic Dryer heating element and igniter replacement. The heating element makes the air coming into the dryer hot, so it can be considered one of the main elements in dryers.

Dryer heating element and igniter replacement

Let’s break down step by step what might be included in the list of dryer heating element and igniter replacement jobs. Let’s say right away that the list may differ depending on the type and model of the dryer. But we’ll only look at the basic steps for dryer heating element replacement.

How do I replace the heating element in my dryer?

    1. Turn off the power to the dryer.

    2. Remove the screws on the back or front of the dryer.

    3. Remove the cover/dryer panel.

    4. Locate the heating element housing inside the dryer.

    5. Remove the screws holding the heating element housing in place.

    6. Remove the heating element and housing from the dryer.

    7. Disconnect the wiring going to the dryer from the element, but do not disconnect the wiring from the thermostat or the high limit switch.

    8. Use an ohmmeter on the two leads of the element to see if the element is faulty.

    9. Remove the screws  and upper limit switch from the housing.

    10. Remove the screws holding the heating element housing.

    11. Separate and remove the heating element from the housing.

    12. Replace it with a new heating element and follow the steps in reverse order for installation.

The heating element heats your dryer, so if the heating element is defective, then the dryer will not heat up and dry your items. It is always best to call the professionals for appliance repair. We guarantee the quality of the work we do. Simply call us on +1(727)350-9322 or use our online booking system and we will send a technician to your home. Our master will diagnose the problem and tell you the cost of parts and labor. If you agree to the price, they will get the right to repair household appliances. And because we are committed to customer satisfaction, we hope you take the time to leave us a positive review on Yelp or Google!

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