Central Control Board Replacement on All Appliances

We continue to talk about appliance repair and share free tips with you. Today we are going to share with you information about central control boards in your appliances. No matter how complicated an appliance is, any appliance has a central control board. Let’s take a closer look at the central control board of the refrigerator. The central control board is a compact board, which consists of sub-modules that collect input from numerous sensors throughout the appliance and control a host of functions. The element is designed to perform such functions as:

– Turning the motor on or off;
– Regulating the temperature mode in each compartment;
– Displaying data on electronic displays;
– Controling ventilation, defrost, lighting, etc.

Signs of malfunction of a refrigerator central control board

1. Malfunctioning display;
2. Error message displayed on screen;
3. Compartment temperature alarm;
4. Lack of light when the light bulb is working;
5. Unable to control the functions of the cooling unit by pressing the buttons;
6. No sound of compressor motor operation.

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Reasons to replace a refrigerator control board

It is necessary to replace a central control board in such cases as:

  • Moisture reaching the control board
  • Control board burnout occurring as a result of a short circuit
  • Mechanical damage
  • Damage due to a sudden power surge
  • The element has worn out over time

In the process of diagnostics, the technician finds out how serious the breakage is. If the broken element should be replaced, it is replaced with a new, genuine part that that was produced by the manufacture of your refrigerator.

If there are no new parts available (the manufacturers don’t produce them anymore or the part is out of stock) then the second option is to repair your central board if possible.

When restoration is feasible, a specialist will remove the damaged unit and repair it. There are two categories of repair complexity: without programming and with programming.

Repair of the refrigerator control module without using a programmer

This option is mainly used for refrigeration equipment with high a degree of protection of the central processor. The technician carries out replacement of transistors, control buttons, capacitors, SAE unit, as well as resoldering contacts for the electrical supply and display.

Repair of refrigerator control module using a programmer

All Appliance Repair Tampa Bay Area

This option is more complex, since it requires installation of firmware suitable for the specific model. Depending on the fridge model, both parallel and in-circuit programmers can be used. All of our experts carry both programmers with them, along with the expertise to know which one is needed.

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