Refrigerator Sensor Replacement

Few people ever think about the components of their refrigerator until a part fails and needs to be replaced. One example of the many things that could go wrong with your refrigerator is when the electronic temperature sensor fails. The sensor is an NTC thermistor housed in a protective polymer sheath. A thermistor is a resistor that changes its resistance depending on its surrounding temperature.

Where is the temperature sensor located?

There are often several sensors in various areas:

  • Freezer
  • Refrigerator;
  • Bio-fresh zone;
  • Evaporator.

In the freezer compartment, the sensor will be located under the bottom shelf. In the refrigerator it will be in the body of the plafond. In the bio-fresh zone, it will be located near by the bio-fresh zone, and in the evaporator area it will be on the evaporator.

First, determine whether the problem has another cause. For example, the constant running of the compressor could be due to problems with the seal. Therefore, you should do a complete diagnosis of the refrigerator to start with. All refrigerator temperature sensors operate the same way and differ only in their resistance rating and the diagram of parameter changes depending on their temperature.

How does a temperature sensor work?

The sensor is connected to the electronic unit by a wire. From the electronic block an electric signal flows through the sensor, which changes according to the resistance value of the thermistor. The control module takes these readings and shows them as a temperature on the refrigerator display. The temperature sensor gives the commands to turn on the compressor and other refrigerator components necessary to maintain the desired temperature.

How do I determine if my refrigerator’s sensor is malfunctioning?

You can check the sensor’s functionality by measuring its resistance with a multimeter. It should coincide with the data in the table of nominal dependence on the temperature. Sometimes the electronic module itself can also signal an error, indicating the failure of the component. Most often, the thermistors located on the evaporator fail, because they are exposed to high humidity and constant temperature fluctuations.

No-frost evaporator sensor replacement

Refrigerator Sensor Replacement

Typically, the thermistor is located on one of the evaporator lines. Simply remove the old sensor and install the new one in its original location. Entrust professionals with your repairs! SAR Cooling Appliance Repair specializes in repairing refrigerators and other appliances.

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